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Sri Sailam is one of the Jyotirlinagam and scenic place to visit in Andhra Pradesh. This is situated in Nallamalai hills on the bank of river Krishna. Srisailam is about 250 Kms from Hyderabad. You can take a 2 day Bus tour or drive using own or rental car. Here is how you can plan, if you are driving.

  • Start early from Hyderabad. Start at around 6 AM. The trip should take approximately 6 hour including few short breaks. It would be advisable to take some food and water, as there is not much availability on the way.
  • You can make a stop at Dindi Dam.
  • You can make next stop at Srisailam Dam.
  • Next, stop at Sakshi Ganapati temple. It is said that Ganapati note down name of people visiting Srisailam here. Mallikarjuna and Brahmaramba temple is just few kilometres from here.
  • Go directly to the main temple and proceed to Darshan. It would be better to go there in afternoon as Morning/Evening tends to be heavily crowded.
  • Go to book your room. You can reserve in advance. Ganga sadan/Gowri Sadan are run by AP tourism. Proceed to Ganga Sadan for booking you room. This is good hotel for reasonable price, clean and well maintained
  • Take some rest and proceed to Patalganga. PatalaGanga is less than 1 km from temple. You can take approximately 500 steps to Patalganga or take Ropeway.
  • If you have time left, Goto Sikharan. You can see the beautiful view of the city from peak and a temple here.
  • If you have time left, you can goto Hatakeshwar temple while coming back.
  • Comeback to your lodge and take rest.
  • Next day early morning, you can again goto temple for Darshana. Mangala aarti starts at 6 AM.
  • After that, you can start your journey back.
  • You can Goto to Palidhara Pachdhara temple. There is Adi Shankaracharya temple here and Palidhara and Panchadhara meets here. You have to take 146 steps to the temple. Honestly, there is nothing much to see here. You can also see Hatakeshwar temple which is hardly 1 km from here.
  • While coming back you can goto Uma Maheshwaram temple. You have to take a 12 km diversion.
  • You can also goto the Malella Theertham waterfall. You have to take 8 km muddy road and 200 steps to the fall. Waterfall is really beautiful.
  • After that, you can head back to Hyderabad

You can convert it to a one day trip by heading back to Hyderabad direcly after taking Darshana. You can also add Sikharan. Start even earlier from Hyderabad if you want to take one day trip.

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